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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Liquor License auctions for 2014

New Jersey limits the number of liquor licenses granted.

Population determines the number of licenses granted within a municipality both for licensed premises (restaurants and bars) and for off premise consumption (packaged goods).

A municipality can issue one consumption license per 3,000 residents and one distribution license per 7,500 residents.
As a result, municipalities, unless their population is growing, issue relatively few new licenses.

According to my research, the following towns can auction licenses in 2013:

1. New Providence 

The borough schedule and auction type for its first liquor license sale:

The auction will run through sealed bid, so the borough can make their judgment on which entity to award the license to without those bidding entities knowing how much the others have bid.

The minimum bid for the license is $400,000. NO BIDDERS

2. Brick Township as of 1/1/2014
Two C NJ Liquor Licenses can be auctioned at $500,000 each.
Township decides to postpone the distribution license sale for $500,000.
Here is the link to the story:

3. Howell Township
Asking $1.1million for a NJ consumption 33 liquor license.

4. Marlboro
Starting auction price is $710,000 for a NJ consumption 33 liquor license.
Starting auction price is $751,000 for a NJ distribution 44 liquor license.

5. North Caldwell
Since North Caldwell has an estimated population of 6,300, the town is allowed to hold two consumption licenses and would be allowed to have one retail D license.

6. Egg Harbor Township
The Clerk suggested he had been expecting at least two bids slightly above the $350,000 minimum, but they did not come through. No bids were accepted.

“They didn’t want to put the money out at this time for a liquor license,” he said. “One indicated if the price was lowered, he may have interest in it.”

7. Chatham
Currently has two NJ liquor licenses in town. In the process of preparing for the auction of a third license.
Price yet to be determined, date yet to be set.

8. Hopewell Township 44 license

More information from township as available.

9. Wayne 44 License

New auction for distribution license in Wayne.

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