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Howard Goldstein
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Jersey Liquor Licenses marketing information

In New Jersey I have brokered over 500 hundred liquor licenses in 22 years.

I have appraised NJ liquor licenses for banks, established NJ license values for estates, and testified in litigation as an expert witness on NJ liquor license values.

When your company wants or needs a liquor license in New Jersey, use me as YOUR broker.

Should your company have a license, turn it into cash.

My integrated campaign of internet and print marketing achieve results.
I can sell your liquor license.

Real estate deals are contingent on finding a license in the market.
My experience in negotiating buyer options on NJ liquor licenses, may eliminate the “license contingency” in your real estate deal.

I can save you money on your next transaction, period.

Prices go up and down, based on each recent sale.
Factors include, comps, number of NJ liquor licenses available in a market, and demand.
I research these factors in each market.

Knowing the market allows me to buy a New Jersey liquor license opportunistically for my customer.


1. One chain was going to pay over $500,000 for a NJ liquor license. I was able to save them $50,000.
2. Developer wanted a hard to find license in Paramus, NJ. I FOUND IT
3. Large chain was going to pay $250,000 for a license. I found one for $110,000
4. Customer of mine had a license under contract for $125,000. I found a license available at auction for $25,000.
5. Large grocer wanted a distribution 44 NJ liquor license to open a liquor department.
6. Towns consult with me to establish values when they want to auction a new liquor license.
7. I have acted as the “stalking horse” in deals, buying a NJ liquor license and assigning it to the buyer.

The deal stories go on and on.

References are available upon request.

Use Howard Goldstein for your next New Jersey liquor license transaction.

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